PHX: June 2nd National Day of Civic Hacking

With over 11, 000 people participating in National Day of Hacking across the United States, a group of media noise makers in Phoenix gathered together to be a part of the Alternative and Independent Media Forum hosted by Radio Campesina 88.3 to discuss the role of independent media has in our community to be an agent of social change.

Over 25 community members filled the room at ALAC in downtown Phoenix to to listen to podcasters, bloggers, documentary filmmaker, and radio host as they discussed what it means to be a non-commercial form of media, the tools involved in production, the challenges, and the resources they offer to the community. At the end of the event, audience members and panelists were highly interested in collaborating with one another to create pieces that would highlight local issues in their community as well as learn how to produce their own work!

Thank you to the following media outlets for particpating in our forum:

– Chris Shawn, Everybody Has a Story

– Diali Avila, Filosofia Lite

– H.L.T Quan, Quad Productions

– Kimberly Flack, AZ Eight PBS

– Pita Juarez & Kaja Brown, Radio Phoenix



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